Meet John

My name is John Boucard. Welcome to my blog, Led by the Book!

When I graduated from college in 2010, my goal was to go to medical school. However, after a series of fortunate events, I decided to forgo medical school, and found my passion in leadership instead. I now work in management, where I have the privilege of influencing a team of more than 100 people.

Leading people is very challenging, but the rewards far out way the difficulties. As a Christian, I enjoy seeing how the Bible comes to life in the leadership arena. I had very little leadership experience when I first entered the field five years ago, but I have found many pearls of wisdom in the scriptures, enabling me to lead my team with confidence, meekness, humility, and strength. I look forward to sharing some of these pearls with you on this blog.

Welcome to Led By the Book, where we are led by the book in order to lead by the book.


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