Six Unique Tips: How to Look For A Job

Looking for a job can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Some of your best opportunities will come in those times of transitioning from one job to another.So whether you are facing unemployment or feel that you need to get another job that is better suited for you, the job search can be an exhilarating opportunity to discover what else is out there on the job market. You may also find something that better fits your skills and passion.

Perhaps what makes the job search so daunting, though, is the unknown. As human beings, we want to be in control of the outcome, so it’s uncomfortable to be in limbo waiting to see where we land. However, I encourage you to embrace the unknown and trust that God will take you exactly where you need to be. This is why I always encourage my readers to seek God’s will in all areas of their lives. Anxiety flees when we know that God is ultimately in control and that his will is perfect. You will never be disappointed with where he decides to take you.

Trust God for the outcome while taking care of things you can do. I have learned valuable tips both as a job hunter and also as a hiring manager. If you take these steps, you can be sure that you are putting your absolute best foot forward during the job search.

Below are 6 soft skill strategies to spread the word that you’re looking for work. You CAN build fundamental people and communication skills. Look out for part two on necessary hard skill strategies that I highly recommend you adopt to land your next job.

1. Reach out to your network of friends and former colleagues and let them know that you are ready to transition.

Your existing network may provide some of your best opportunities. Every job that I have held since 2012 came by way of a personal contact in my network of friends and mentors. They knew that I was looking and gave me an opportunity. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#ledbythebook”]Don’t underestimate the wealth of opportunities that are right there in your network of friends[/inlinetweet]. Sometimes pride or the fear of embarrassment keep us from telling others that we are looking for work. In doing that, though, you could potentially be missing out on some amazing opportunities out there.

2. Work as a volunteer

A few weeks might go by before you start getting interviews, and you might be tempted to just sit around and wait for the phone to ring. But remember: your goal during the job-hunting process is to remain proactive and intentional. The moment you settle into complacency, the momentum will wear off. To avoid this problem, find a place to volunteer. This gives you an opportunity to have fun, meet new people, and learn new skills. You never know, the volunteer gig could also turn into a job.

3. Find a good recruiter.

Recruiters are paid to find jobs for people, so let them work for you. There are many popular recruiting firms online which you can look into. One great firm I worked for is called Precision Systems. They place IT professionals in jobs all across the country. If you are looking for an IT position, check them out and let them know that I sent you.

4. Track down hiring managers on LinkedIn

If you want to get noticed, you have to think differently than the traditional method of posting a resume on a job board and waiting for a call. Besides, half the calls that you will get will probably be someone trying to pitch you an insurance-sales job. Don’t be afraid to be creative and reach out to people on LinkedIn. Find your favorite companies and connect with people in their HR department. Don’t stalk them, though. That might get creepy.

[Tweet “”Sometimes pride or the fear of embarrassment keep us from telling others that we are looking for work. In doing that, though, you could potentially be missing out on some amazing opportunities out there.” – Led by the Book”]

5. Have fun with different job-hunting techniques

One time, I drafted more than 10 letters and physically mailed them to the CEOs and General Managers of some of my favorite companies. This did not lead to a job, but it was a lot of fun. It also helped me to lighten the mood a bit. So, switch things up occasionally. From YouTube, to Instagram, to Twitter, there are many platforms for you to express yourself and be creative about your job search. You never know who will take notice. I heard a story of a guy who handed copies of resume on the side of the road. The story went viral and, soon after, the job offers came pouring in.  

6. Pray and ask God to open the doors

Finally, seek God’s guidance. God has promised to provide all of your needs, so trust him to lead you to the right job. You will not disappointed by trusting him.   

I hope you find these helpful. Look out for part two where I share necessary resume building and other skills that I highly recommend you take on to land your next job.

I share my tips on resumes and more! I also have posts in my career page you can check out. 

So, how did you end up landing your last job? 

Led by the Book

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